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About xl8 Quote

This simple tool was created by a freelance translator for his own use and made available to everyone. Although it suits all my needs this is work in progress and some functionality might be added if required by other people.

Want to suggest a feature, report bug or share your feedback? I will be happy to receive it.

How to use

1. On the Options tab set your average translation speed (words/day and words/hour) and how many words there are in average page for you language and how many characters in average word - these are different for each language.

2. Next set your standard and minimal rate on the bottom of the first tab.

3. Enter the amount of words/pages/characters for the job you want to estimate.

4. The following information will be calculated: price for the whole job; price for the job at your minimal rate; estimated time the job will take (in days and in hours/minutes); your hourly rate.